Laktawan ang galugad

Ok, so the promotions went out a while ago..and i just have to get this off my chest.
I guess it’s inevitable to feel bad, no matter how mature you are when you don’t see your name in the list.
You see when i started, i always believed that i was the star of that team. I simply thought that i was better than anyone there..having graduated from UP may have contributed to that – where we thought that there are only 2 schools in PH – UP and others. Not politically correct I know, but we are mayabang like that.
So it strikes a nerve whenever a peer gets ahead sooner or even someone who you used to supervise indirectly has been favored over you.
That’s what happened today.
So Im not the only star after all..there are so many more. Its a humbling feeling. You are not that significant as you think you are. You are not indispensable. It sucks especially when most of your self esteem is derived from how people perceive you at work
I sound pathetic now i know. I like to think that years from now, i will only laugh at this post
And yes i know how silly this post is because if someone from Syria will be able to read this, he may just punch me in the face.
And besides, what am i complaining about? My rating is high and i got a 5 digit increase in my salary.. That may well be better because the increase is somewhat close to what a promote might get, minus the additional responsibilities
And besides i know that i have so much more to learn. Heck, i cant even cope with my emails anymore
Deep in me, i know that this is a wake up call to pursue the other aspects of my life which are equally if not more important. Hello family and friends. Hello neglected dreams. Hello giving back to society. Hello me. Hello God. There are just so many more things in life..and i think, have i been promoted, i will just continue obsessing about climbing the corporate ladder, setting aside all other
The next level is my target landing point i really want to go there very soon? Should i reach that then what will be next?
So note to self – suck it up! You just want that promotion because of your ego and the high that you derive from it that makes you forget the mess that is your life
Time to fix those first i guess


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