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what i hate about facebook is all the flaunting that people do which makes you feel insufficient.

just like JC, who aside from flaunting his fabulous lifestyle, is now flaunting his super hot boyfriend. to say that i’m jealous is an understatement. i’m drooling for the guy. the mere sight of his boyfriend turns me on that i just want to jack off. the kind of feeling i had when i heard that prince stefan and toffee calma participated in the same orgy. to be fair, JC is also cute. i’m not just into him because he was my service-mate and when he was in kinder, he proudly declared that he eats his booger.

but this time it end here. the past months, i’ve learned to control jealousy –  this feeling of insufficiency. i just realized that i have nothing to complain about – i have a stable job and so far despite the feeling of uncertainty of whether to stay for good, i can say that i’m happy. i have a great family, friends. i’m healthy and so is my family. i eat, i have shelter, and i can indulge on fine stuffs every once in a while. just yesterday,  i was in dusit.

sure there are things, actually a lot of things that i can’t afford yet. just now, my mp3 player broke and i’m thinking of replacing it with iTouch but i don’t have an idea on where to get the funds. hehe. and yes, i don’t have a cute boyfriend 🙂

but thinking about it, despite of the imperfections in my life, i have so many things to be thankful for. i may not have everything that i want, but i certainly have everything i need. i mean, how many people in Africa or Libya can say that?

i have nothing to complain about.



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