Laktawan ang galugad

i’m a people pleaser..but today i can’t be. you see i haven’t been able to get enough sleep this week and i’m supposed to meet with friends for an outing at 5am today which means that i have to wake up at 3:30am. no, i can’t do it, i just didn’t have the energy and i felt so groggy because of the valium that i took. so friends, if you really are my friends, you won’t mind why i stood you up. for once, allow me to disappoint you.

PS. i think i’ve already developed a resistance to valium – it didn’t work last night. and yes, i feel awful because that’s club morroco that i’ve missed. it sucks.


One Comment

  1. Sabi nga nila u cant please everyone. Hmmm valium… try counting sheep or pasuntok kay Pacman instead hehehe!

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