Laktawan ang galugad

today, i realized that i’m extremely afraid of going intimate with someone.

a friend messaged me via facebook and he said he missed me. i didn’t know how to react. i missed him too. i knew i wanted to say that…but why is it so hard for me to say that?

i don’t know, i guess i fear the vulnerability that results from intimacy. when you open yourself to someone, you’re like giving him the license to hurt you.

and it just sucks when people hurt you.



  1. Scared ka lang to open your self to someone! Take your time, time will come na maoovercome mo rin yan. Lalo na if you finally meet the person at the right place at the right time! Gogogogo!

    • Takot ka dahil siguro natrauma ka na. Sinong hindi, sa hirap ng buhay ngayon, bawal magkasakit. Ang puso, that is. Pag nasaktan ang puso natin, wasak na naman tayo. Sira na naman ang mga plano natin.

      Pero pwede ka ring maging masaya.

      Ang tanong, handa ka na ba?

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