Laktawan ang galugad

they say that love is a choice, that love should persist even if you don’t feel like it, even if the person is unlovable and even if the person isn’t doing you any good. So is loving synonymous to pretending you’re in love even if you’re not?

similarly, they say that happiness is a choice. Be happy even if the circumstances won’t permit you to do so. so is being happy synonymous to pretending to be happy even if you’re not?

shouldn’t love and happiness be backed up by an inner source? perhaps a feeling or a reason. otherwise how do they differentiate themselves from pretension?



  1. nosebleed ako 😀 eka. ammm

    por me, d choices n decisions we make plays a very important role in our quest for love n hapiness but its samting dat cannot be forced.

    for pretending to be happy or inlove is not d same as “really” being happy n in love…

    kaya siguro sinasabing tanga ang mga in love no?

  2. ay..!
    seryosohan ba ito..?
    teka lang ha..,
    i have long given up on love..!
    hindi ko na sineseryoso yan..!
    it doesn’t really matter now…
    kung masaya ba ako or hindi..!
    basta ang mahalaga…
    may ka sex..!
    love kasi is…
    ayoko nun..! 😆

    amm, well…siguro kanya kanyang trip lang talaga yan.

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