Laktawan ang galugad

just so you know, you pissed me off.

first of all, i’m not an employee. i did not sign a contract. and here you are acting like you are my boss. how dare you wear that attitude.

that although i have been delinquent in not so many occassions, i blame it to your working attitude. From the very beginning, i’ve always been punctual.i have always fed you with all the documents.But in every meeting, i can’t help but notice that you did not even bother browse through it. If you had, you should have noticed that i don’t really need you opinion. i only need to have a copy of that system. I only implored your help for formality’s sake – you’re the IT head there. At least, every system that has to be done should be under your notice.

you were always late – sometimes even up to an hour. but did you ever see me throw an attitude? After every meeting, do you know how frustrated i get? because not once did i get a considerable amount of information that would be valuable to my project. but you never saw me throw an attitude.

perhaps you don’t really need the system. but did i demand anything that caused you inconvenience? i’ve always considered your time.

my system coincides with a system you have in mind. i bothered to go through the pain of scrutinizing your ideas in case there is loophole. and indeed there are so many loopholes. i asked for your opinions in case these occur. but you replied two days after i submitted my final paper. what did i do? i invented solutions myself. because from the very beginning you weren’t there- well at least mentally.

now you are throwing me that attitude?

eto lang ang masasabi ko sayo: PAKSHET KA!!!


One Comment

  1. pakshet nga siya. mga power tripper na feeling boss pakshet nga!

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